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We design our tours by selecting main themes to reflect the geographical, historical, and cultural diversity of the Caucasus region. The current social and geopolitical context accompanies us on all our tours. This includes viewing the sights and landscapes just as much as making contact with the people and their lives.


Travelling the borders of South Caucasus


Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and the territories around them have always been at the crossing-place of different cultures and political systems. Travelling the different worlds on the borders of South Caucasus is a main theme of our tour. It presents the region as the home of a wide range of very different peoples.

12 days
2300 EUR

Expeditions and excursions


Maybe you want to spend less time organizing then just delegate your travel planning to us and enjoy the expertise of a guide in a new destination. We just work out the itinerary for these types of trip through personal discussions with you on your interests.



Empfehlung mindestens 7 days
ab 1300 EUR