Alongside our tours addressing different themes, we also offer research expeditions in the Caucasus region. We can work out the itinerary for these types of trip through personal discussions with you on your interests.

For education institutions, we offer excursions in the Caucasus region as part of study courses in which study trips and excursions are either compulsory or optional. We design and organize the trips together with the teachers and students.

We work out the subjects or topics together with the teachers and students along with the travel dates and the length of the trip. Of course, the costs for such a journey have to be worked out individually.

ab 1300 EUR
Empfehlung mindestens 7 Days
  • Our services:

    • Scheduled return flight to Tbilisi including Rail & Fly. The place of departure and corresponding travel itinerary to reach it will be compiled individually for each traveller.
    • Airport transfers: We pick you up at the airport and bring you back to the airport for your departure.
    • Tour stages: We travel in a minibus.
    • You will stay in small private or commercial accommodation in the local style with meals included.
    • Travel insurance for and during the tour: You are insured by us through travel cancellation expenses insurance and travel health insurance.
    • Local services: All local services are included in your travel price.